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The RSV Youth Advisory Committee

In 2020/2021 Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) undertook a consultation process that has seen the formation of RSV’s first ever Youth Advisory Committee as well as the consultation of other youth focused organisations and young people residing in regional Victoria. The implementation of this consultation with our Youth Advisory Committee is a commitment from our member bodies to proactively seek opportunities to provide meaningful participation options to young people in the planning and development of their programs and initiatives.

RSV wants to ensure young people are acknowledged, engaged and empowered using sport and active recreation as a vehicle to provide meaningful and relevant participation opportunities. During the consultation process with the RSVYAC we have learnt:

  • Young people want the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process.
  • Young people want the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way.
  • Young people need equitable and inclusive support to be able to achieve.
  • Youth work is a collaborative process.
  • It is important to share the results of your consultations and offer opportunities for young people to be involved in seeing the process through.

What did we learn from our consultations?

This consultation process has been important for the development of RSV to build on the skills and knowledge of the Regional Sports Assemblies and embed a culture that considers the feedback and consultation of young people, allowing us to really focus on what regional young people want and need in sport and active recreation. It has allowed us to see our programs, clubs and facilities through a different lense and to share that information through the sector and with our community clubs and partners.

The RSVYAC have provided feedback and consultation on:

  • The development of the Youth Engagement Strategic Framework
  • The RSV online youth engagement toolkit
  • Futuristic club activity – designed to provide feedback on what young people want from their local sports clubs.
  • Sport and active recreation life maps – which show us in a visual representation what the sport and active recreation habits have been of our young people in regional Victoria.
  • Provided feedback on COVID 19 and the effects it had on regional youth

Youth Engagement Strategic Framework 2021-2024

Download the Regional Sport Victoria Youth Engagement Strategic Framework


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