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Sport and volunteering are interlinked. In the sport sector, we know that volunteers ensure the activities of every sport of any size and at all levels go ahead, are well run, are accessible and inclusive. Volunteers come out in huge numbers in all weathers and at all hours to ensure sport activities go ahead. It is our volunteers who allow sport to form a critical part of the fabric of our communities.

Regional Sport Victoria has partnered with Volunteering Victoria and Vicsport to create sporting club focused resources. These resources aim to support and assist sporting clubs in their strategies and practices around volunteers.

Accessible, easy to implement resources

Volunteering is a big topic with many areas where expertise is required. Recognising this, our sport-specific resources are broken into key topic areas with simple, accessible information for you to access and apply.

Click the Action Cycle below to learn more via Volunteering Victoria’s website.

Sport Volunteers – Workshops

The sport volunteering program takes the big topic of volunteering and breaks it into six smaller, club-focused, actionable segments. RSV, collaborating with our Member Regional Sport Assemblies will deliver four workshops per region introducing all six volunteering elements along with the club-focused resources and tools available to them.

The four, one-hour workshops will focus on building the capacity and confidence of sports clubs to deliver great volunteer programs. Sports clubs or Local government staff engaging with sports clubs are encouraged to select the date and time of the workshops most suitable to them. Find out more or register here.

Workshop 1 introduces the Sport Volunteers program, the resources available to you and introduces the first actionable segment – ‘Plan’. This segment provides a framework that enables strong volunteer management that is right for your club.

Workshop 2 re-caps the Sport Volunteers program and introduces the second and biggest actionable segment – ‘Recruit’. This segment has two key topic areas, the first of which is creating position descriptions that provide clarity to all. For clubs, the type and size of volunteer roles needed. And for potential volunteers – understanding what is involved. The second topic area is recruitment methods to consider. Some you may know, others which are new to sport but can give your volunteer program a lift.

Workshop 3 introduces the third and fourth actionable segments – ‘Select’ and ‘Guide’. ‘Select’ provides a framework for fair and consistent selection processes that ensure all relevant checks needed are completed. ‘Guide’ encourages you to plan the orientation processes that help create a supportive environment for volunteers.

Workshop 4 introduces the fifth and sixth actionable segments – ‘Encourage’ and ‘Recognise’. ‘Encourage’ gives you strategies and suggestions to keep your volunteers coming back, whilst ‘Recognise’ ensures you meet a key need of volunteers – to feel valued, valuable, and wanted.

Workshop Calendar

For a full calendar of workshops available across Victoria, click HERE.

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