Regional Sport Victoria

Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) is the peak body which supports nine independent organisations across regional Victoria. These nine organisations are classed as Regional Sports Assemblies and are charged with the critical role of supporting the sport and recreation sector within their regional catchment.

The RSV cluster is the only agency in Victoria that supports locally based community sport and recreation provision on a statewide basis. This support involves the provision of training, information, advice, skill development, linkages and advocacy with and for clubs, organisations and communities.

RSV and the nine Regional Sports Assemblies work directly with 48 local government authorities in Victoria. RSV covers a population of over 1.45 million rural and regional Victorians and has a network of over 8,500 community based sport and recreation clubs.

In rural and regional Victoria, RSV and Regional Sports Assemblies are:

  • Connected to grass roots sport and recreation clubs and organisations;
  • Supporting volunteers in community sport and active recreation;
  • Delivering training, support and advice to community sport and recreation volunteers, clubs and organisations;
  • Advocating on behalf of community sport and recreation volunteers;
  • Contributing to sport and recreation planning and development; and,
  • Independent and stand alone.

This level of support and assistance is a unique asset for Victoria. No other sport and recreation body in the country has the capacity to deliver services in this manner.


RSV Constitution – 1 March 2023

Annual Report

2022 – 2023 Annual Report