Regional Sports Assemblies Network Youth Charter

Regional Sports Assemblies Network Youth Charter

This charter reflects the Regional Sports Assemblies (RSA’s) commitment to empowering the young
people of regional Victoria, by enabling their voice and influence regarding decisions made in youth
focused sport and active recreation.

It provides three guiding principles to ensure that engagement with young people is genuine and
meaningful, providing a safe space for regional youth to help shape the future of sport and active
recreation through innovation and collaboration.

Engagement may be formal, driving systematic policy direction or more participative, encouraging
input into decisions that may impact our organisation’s future direction.

This youth charter is a commitment to every young person in regional Victoria regardless of
circumstance or culture. We acknowledge the additional barriers to participation that young people may face, and we are committed to finding ways to collaborate to ensure greater access to sport and active recreation.

RSV Youth Engagement Guiding Principles


  • Acknowledge young people’s ideas, voice & contribution
  • Celebrate & actively promote diversity & inclusion
  • Acknowledge existing barriers to participation in sport

We commit to ensuring young people are considered and acknowledged in all community consultations. We will provide opportunities for young people to have a voice in the decisions that impact on them. We will be direct and clear in our communication and provide honest feedback to support the success of young regional Victorians.


  • Explore new ways of working with young people
  • Be open, honest & genuine with young people
  • Collaborate with and for young people

We commit to being creative in our approach to youth engagement, to consider using online tools, music or videos as a medium that young people relate to. We will provide an environment that supports the building of supportive working relationships with young people and other members within our club communities. We will be open to exploring opportunities to collaborate with other youth focused organisations to provide more opportunities for young people in regional Victoria.


  • Provide pathways for meaningful participation in existing governance structures & decision-making bodies
  • Create new opportunities for young people to actively explore their passion and lead change in their community
  • Support young people to be confident in their interactions with sport and recreation clubs and the broader community

We commit to ensuring that consultations and programs are held in an environment and at a time that is accommodating for young people and their needs. We will provide opportunities for young people to be involved in leadership opportunities within our organisation and within clubs across regional Victoria. We will support young people to develop their leadership skills and to empower them to be more actively involved.