Get Active Kids Voucher Program is now open

We’re excited to announce that Round 7 of the Get Active Kids Voucher Program is now open!

In this round, applications for a voucher or a reimbursement will close when the allocation has been exhausted. Vouchers expire 30 April 2024 so your members can use it for a summer sport, winter sport or term-based activity.


Round 7 opens for applications for a voucher or reimbursement: 10:00 am Tuesday 10 October 2023 until allocation exhausted;

Reimbursement expenditure dates: from 8 May 2023 until allocation is exhausted;

Vouchers expiry date: Tuesday 30 April 2024;

Portal open for Activity Providers to redeem vouchers: Tuesday 10 October 2023 to Tuesday 21 May 2024.

Eligible families can apply for $200 vouchers and use them at their registered Get Active Kids Voucher Activity Provider without having to worry about upfront costs.

The vouchers can help pay for sporting equipment, uniforms and memberships in a range of activities from club cricket to dance. There’s also an opportunity to enrol toddlers in a range of activities including important learn to swim classes.

To be eligible, kids need to be aged 0 to 18 years, a Victorian resident, named on a valid Commonwealth Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card and named on a valid Medicare Card at the time of application.

A special consideration stream is also available to support children residing in Victorian Care Services, temporary or provisional visa holders, undocumented migrants and international students up to 18 years at the time of application. More information on the special consideration stream is available on our website.

Families can also continue to claim a reimbursement for expenses already incurred.

For more information about the program visit or email us at