Local sporting club moving forward after floods affect their community

After dealing with the damage that was caused by floods in late 2022, the Mooroopna Football Netball Club (MFNC) are now on the road to recovery ahead of the 2023 season.   

The Mooroopna community has faced a tough time in recent months, with many still facing the effects of the events that occurred. The MFNC very much felt the brunt of the floods in what was a difficult end to 2022.  

Its main oval and was completely covered in water stretching well over 100 metres, while the other ovals were also underwater. The club’s main changerooms were also affected, including the kitchen, gym, and meeting room – which were all flooded too.  

Speaking to Regional Sport Victoria, the President of MFNC Bill Dowling outlined the feeling that was shared across the community when the floods occurred.  

“It was strange because on the Saturday, the council had organised for sandbags to be built in the carpark right beside our changerooms,” he said. 

“That happened all day Saturday until lunchtime Sunday, [but] on lunchtime Sunday the council arrived and said: ‘you’ve gotta go because you’ll be flooded here in three hours’.” 

“People thought it was a bit of an exaggeration, but they were right. There was water all through there two or three hours later.”  

In tough times like these though, communities always come together to help those in need. Mooroopna was no exception, with over 250 people turning up to the club and moving around the community to assist people whose homes were flooded out.  

Dowling spoke about how he felt as president to see everyone so willing to help out when the club and the community needed it most.  

“The attitude [amongst the community] was fantastic. Everyone just wanted to help and everyone was prepared to just go out there, and get to work,” he said.   

“It certainly shows what people power can do…it’s a great example of what can be achieved if everyone comes together and is prepared to work together.”  

Many clubs across Victoria have suffered through this devastation in the last few months, and Mooroopna FNC are just one of those that are continuing to recover from the floods.  

Established last year, the Community Sport Flood Recovery program gives clubs that are ready to return to sport the ability to receive support. This is with the help of our friendly, knowledgeable and supportive team consisting of members from our Member Regional Sports Assemblies based across regional Victoria, who understand the challenges faced in resuming sport.

For information on the Community Sport Flood Recovery program, click here