Cleaning up following floods

While we are not experts at cleaning up following flood damage, we defer to the following experts to help provide you with guidance for your Club.

Managing waste after a flood:

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Looking after yourself and cleaning up after a flood:

Victorian Government, Department of Health

Content includes:

  • After a flood: animal and insect related hazards
  • Drinking water after a flood
  • Power outages after a flood
  • Septic tanks in flood affected areas
  • Management strategies for mosquitoes

After a flood – Returning home safely:

Better Health Channel

While this content focuses on homes, it can be relevant to returning to your Clubrooms. Content includes:

  • Hazards and floodwaters
  • Hazards when entering your property
  • Preventing illness
  • Food safety
  • Avoiding mosquitos

Need help?

When clubs are ready to return to sport, you will be able to receive support from our friendly, knowledgeable and supportive team. We’re ready to support you with queries on completing the clean-up, resuming competitions, grant opportunities and so much more.

To access support please use the link below, fill in your contact details, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to assist you.

More Information:

Community Sport Flood Recovery

Financial support for clubs

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