Club relocation – liquor licence approvals

In the event that you must relocate your premises, the following information has been provided by Liquor Control Victoria.

Existing temporary limited licence holders

(Licence number will begin with a 9 – application number will begin with a 22-)

For those sporting clubs that already have temporary limited licences (TLLs), LVC are already doing their best to see if they can assist in relocations. If a Club has a TLL where they need a venue change they should email the LCV contact centre at, quoting either their licence number or application number and explaining the situation.  It will help if they include the licence/application number in the subject field which should also include – FLOODING RELOCATION.

Provide as much detail as possible on the proposed new location including whether it is council or private land and whether they have Council/owner permission to use the land/premises. Also include a new redline plan.  LCV staff will look at these emails on a case by case basis to determine whether an amendment is possible or whether a new application needs to be lodged.

Permanent liquor licence holders

(Licence number will begin with a 3)

For the holders of permanent liquor licences who wish to relocate, after checking that the venue they are proposing to relocate to does not already have a liquor licence, here are the instructions on lodging a temporary limited licence application:

  1. Go to the Temporary Limited Licence (TLL) application form here:
  2. Read through the info on this page then click “apply now”
  3. Proceed to complete the form, making sure the applicant is listed as the legal entity (e.g. St Kilda Sports Club Inc) and not the individual person completing the application

Important information to include in the form:

  1. The applicant must indicate that they already have a permanent licence and include the licence number
  2. For the event dates, the applicant should include only the first proposed event date and the last proposed event date (noting that LCV usually would not grant a TLL for greater than 12 weeks)
  3. Patron numbers should be included along with hours of trade in the relevant sections
  4. The applicant will be asked whether the premises is on Council land or private land and will need to click that they have the consent of the owner/Council.


  1. There is a free text box that asks the application to describe the nature of the event or allows them to input more information.  This box should be filled out with as much detail as possible and should start with this text: SPORTING CLUB RELOCATION DUE TO FLOODING
  2. The rest of the text in this box needs to include proposed days for the entire period e.g. every Saturday and Sunday from 1-5pm between 3 December through to 3 March, up to 500 patrons, no minors present or, if minors will be present how they will manage this.  It should cover how alcohol will be stored and served (e.g. stored in premises, sold in premises for consumption on the  premises and/or point of sale on nearby grounds on match days only), whether alcohol will be supplied in cans or glasses etc, any limit on the number of alcoholic drinks that will be supplied per person per transaction.
  3. The applicant should also upload a clear redline plan for the proposed new location.  (see attached fact sheet).

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